Saturday, 31 October 2009


dunno whether to be a bin liner ghost or a toilet paper mummy.

dinosaur jr. are the fucking man

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Monday, 26 October 2009

went to some proper good mexican food place in angel yesterday, cant remember what it was called but it was sick, a little pricy but good quality food, the beef burrito i had was superb tasting, and came with all the trimmings, spicy rice, salad with jalapenos, quacamoli and sour cream, washed down with a desperado, staff were all friendly and put up with all our drunken banter and frosty grilled the waitress about whether the chef was mexican or not, she didnt know, she never asked him.

heres a couple of recent works, i have a load more that will be up soon too when ive scanned them in!


Right, first post! i just got back from london and im a little bit hung over, so i dunno why i decided to make this now. My band dead swans played a fest called running riot yesterday in camden town and it was fucking rad! thanks to everyone who came down and hung out and props to anyone who could make any sense of me by the evening as i was drinking from about 1 in the afternoon and it took me and frosty less than an hour to smash nearly a litre of vodka... i dont even remember playing alot of the songs we played, but the set was funny. im currently cooking potato wedges and working on a new 7" cover for my friends breaking point, its got a big fucking bear on it, check it, and them out.